Thursday, September 15, 2016

Checking in for Thursday, September 15, 2016

Well friends, today was better!  I got up and out, and had lunch with someone.  It really helps to have to get up, clean up, and get dressed.  One of my meds starts working right away, so I can already tell the difference with the increased dose.  I go up another step today.  
I am finding that my mental state is improving, but I am still physically tired.  I am still having trouble falling asleep at night, and then staying asleep all night.  I am communicating with my psychiatrist about this though, instead of just trying to power through it.  If I tried to manage it on my own, I might ignore or rationalize warning signs, and end up in more trouble than when this depressive episode started.  Symptoms are how we know something's not right.  They're how our bodies and minds let us know something is wrong, and needs attention.  Ignoring mental health symptoms has never made mine go away.  It has only ever made them worse.  
I have a new book, and am actually looking forward to getting outside and reading more later.  It's about psychopathy, so you have THAT to look forward to reading about, my friends!  
Making the decision to blog every day during this depressive episode was a really good decision for me.  It's making me think about my symptoms instead of just feeling them.  This helps me keep from letting them take over.  It's also a goal for myself that I know I am able to meet.  Meeting a goal, even a small one like writing a blog post, makes me feel better about myself.  This proves all the horrible things my Depression is trying to tell me wrong.  It's losing its power more and more every time I do something for myself.  In other words, I am driving the bus once again.  Who's driving in your world these days? 
Be well.

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