Saturday, October 8, 2016


There is nothing that’s happened on the blog or the Facebook page that has prompted me to write this.  It is the current political situation, coupled with the things I am seeing on social media.  So, once and for all, let me make something crystal clear so there is no question:  Insight, Outside In is a safe place and a person-centered community.  I know, clinical jargon.  What this means is that I absolutely will not tolerate any put downs or any shaming of anyone.  Whether we are discussing gender, sex, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, language, orientation, ability, political affiliation, profession, opinion, diagnosis, education level, socioeconomic level, or any other way we are categorized, there is a zero-tolerance policy for harming others.  Asking questions in a respectful way is encouraged.  If you have an opinion, great!  State it!  Own what’s yours.  We can discuss prejudices and even your own firmly held beliefs.  Just make sure you preface such statements with “I… (think, feel, believe, was raised hearing that…)” etc.  If you’re not sure if a comment is appropriate, feel free to ask me privately.  We can always discuss the wording, and I will do everything I can to make sure you are able to express your thought in a way that still meets these guidelines.  Abusive comments will deleted, and you will get one warning before you are banned from the page, no matter who you are.  
This is also really important: I am also human.  I will make mistakes.  If I post something offensive, PLEASE bring it to my attention.  You have every right to hold me to the same standard, and then some.  Your mental health and wellness are the reason I am here, and why I do what I do.  If I offend someone, it negatively affects our relationship, even if it’s just an online relationship.  Relationships matter.  IOI places relationships at an extremely high importance.  This is a community, even if it’s a virtual one, where everyone has the right to expect safety.  Let’s help each other to

Be well.

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